What’s the worst that can happen?

What is it about interviews that fill me with a sense of dread? Besides the fact that I’m trapped in a room, being scrutinised by two or three people, and given less than hour to convince them that I’m the person they want to hire to undertake their vital piece of work? At times, it feels a bit like going into battle!

2013-08-21 14.41.27

I recently found myself looking for new contract, which meant having to dust off my interview skills. After many years of working as a contractor, you’d think I’d be rocking this interview thing by now. Nope. Now, I know I can talk until the cows come home about what I’ve achieved in my past roles, how I’ve applied my skills and how these are relevant to the role and even how I’ve managed a situation when things haven’t gone to plan. I’m confident I know my stuff. If I’m asked to do a presentation, I can rise to the occasion – years of practice means I can keep my nerves at bay even when I can feel my knees trembling! Yep, like a duck swimming I am. So why, as I was sitting in my car outside of an organisation I was about to interview with, did I have the overwhelming urge to turn around and drive home again?

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Change in uncertain times

I think I’ve always been comfortable with change. I don’t view it as something to fear, but something to embrace. It took me a while to realise that not everybody thinks like I do.

Throughout my working life, I’ve often found myself at the coal-face of the interaction between people and organisations and I find it fascinating. Working in change management means that I often see the very worst of people – but also the very best. That intersection where people and organisations collide can be fraught with conflict. Supporting people to navigate the sometimes rocky terrain is often where HR practitioners spend most of their time and energy. It is a slippery path to tread – caught between the needs of the employees and the demands of management. More often than not, management wins. No wonder HR is often seen as something that is ‘done to’ people rather than ‘done for’.

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