How age-friendly is your workplace?


shaking hands

The current generation of older worker – the baby boomers – have revolutionised every aspect of society and are now transforming the concept of retirement. Don’t expect these rebels to sit gently rocking in their arm chairs, reading the daily paper in their older years. They are more likely to be travelling the world, caravanning across Australia, chasing after grandchildren, caring for their elderly parents, and juggling their work-life balance. This cohort is unlikely to be attracted to the traditional model of retirement that their parents embraced. So, having policies that enable older workers to transition to retirement by working part-time, or to take time off to establish volunteering routines, travel or learn new hobbies will be far more appropriate to modern-day retirees than the traditional ‘golden handshake’.  As the proportion of older people participating in the workforce increases, so too will the demand for age-friendly workplaces.

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